Intro to Milly’s Magic Book Blog!

Welcome to Milly’s Magic Book Blog, a place where I will post book recommendations and tips on writing such as creating three dimensional characters and plot ideas. I know that when you’re writing poems or stories, rhymes, synonyms, and interesting words can be hard to come up with. So here are some websites you could use;,, and If you are in need of a book recommendation for a specific genre, post it in comments and I will try to post about a book of that genre next time I write. You can also request things like ” I want a book about dragons” and I might suggest a book following your request. I will try to post twice a week so check in regularly. Every once in awhile I might have guest posts by other readers. Have fun reading my blog and be sure to read-read-read!!!!!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Intro to Milly’s Magic Book Blog!”

  1. I think your book blog is awesome. I can’t wait to read and learn
    More in milly’s magic book blog. I think a lot of people will
    Read and love it just like i do. And Iike it a lot.

  2. Congratulations on your new book blog, Amelia! I will be following your book recommendations and looking forward to your posts!

  3. This is wonderful! I can’t wait to read more reviews and tips. What a great idea. I’m looking forward to showing this to Logan!! Maybe he can be a guest author. Keep on reading… Love, Sarah

  4. Milly is my BFF. She is smart nice and- even though she may not no it- pretty. I’m gonna comment on everything! Ur amazing, milly!

  5. Congrats milly ! I will comment on everything! Ur my BFF and ur awesome with books. I’ll be keeping up with ur book log.:)
    ~ Sara

  6. I could really use some writing tips, Milly! Especially how to start my story with a “hook” that will really grab my reader’s attention. Do you have any recommendations for books with a great opening “hook”?

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