Writing Tips

There are many ways to get writers hooked on a story early on.  One way is to foreshadow and hint at future trouble.  One way is to write a prologue.  A prologue is a chapter in the beginning that takes place before the story.  Another way is to surprise the reader.  Get the reader’s suspicions lured.  Someone shrieks, end of chapter.  Which brings up another matter – how can you end chapters so that the reader wants to continue?  End with a worry.  Most writers end their chapters with a worry or a cliffhanger.  Your character could be hanging from a cliff by the toes or her fingers.  One friend says something mean and the hurt friend says “I’ll get you for this!”.  Chapter ends.  The absolute worse happens – end of chapter.  But you only can get away with a few absolute worsts.  Have fun writing!