The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell By Chris Colfer

This wonderful modern retake on the fairy tale world by Glee actor Chris Colfer is an amazing book. The twins Conner and Alex Bailey are about to discover the fairy tale world isn’t quite what they imagined. After their grandmother gives them her magical storybook, Alex activates the portal and she and Conner fall into the fairy tale world. There they meet Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and become good friends with Jack and Goldilocks. I LOVE this book! If you read and enjoy this book as I did, then these are the other books in the series: The Enchantress Returns and A Grimm Warning. I hope you enjoy this book!

Intro to Milly’s Magic Book Blog!

Welcome to Milly’s Magic Book Blog, a place where I will post book recommendations and tips on writing such as creating three dimensional characters and plot ideas. I know that when you’re writing poems or stories, rhymes, synonyms, and interesting words can be hard to come up with. So here are some websites you could use;,, and If you are in need of a book recommendation for a specific genre, post it in comments and I will try to post about a book of that genre next time I write. You can also request things like ” I want a book about dragons” and I might suggest a book following your request. I will try to post twice a week so check in regularly. Every once in awhile I might have guest posts by other readers. Have fun reading my blog and be sure to read-read-read!!!!!!!!!!!